Monday, August 21, 2006


Let's talk about our ancestors. Does your understanding of this novel make you appreciate our forebearers more? Does it make you appreciate the way we live now more or less?


Jack said...

My father was one of 10 children and I was one of 5. My siblings and I have heard many stories about growing up in the "old days". It is hard to appreciate just how tough life was 250 years ago. Even the stories told by my father of life during the great depression do not compare to the life that Mooney, Lorry and the others lived.

Vicki said...

My grandmother was born in 1898 and raised seven children. I love to hear my mother talking about the life they had. It was hard but they were happy. They were poor, but rich in other ways.
I think that is true about the characters in this book too. It was very hard to live in the mountains 250 yrs ago, but the people that moved there were very brave and very strong and they had a very strong will to survive and make the mountains their home. I think nowdays we have lost a lot of the courage that it took in those days.