Monday, August 21, 2006


Let's talk about the living conditions described in The Land breakers. Could you have lived and done what these characters did? What would be the most difficult aspect of living in those conditions?


Jack said...

The worst part would be wearing the same old dirty clothes and not having a bathroom.

Vicki said...

Yes, no clean clothes, no hot bath but maybe once a year, that would be very hard. Also all the work put in to a simple meal, trying to protect crops and stock, an all consuming job which is shown in the book.

Elizabeth said...

Working beyond the point of exhaustion every day, day in and day out, is difficult to imagine. I've gone eight days without a shower on a camping trip and that was enough for me. That shower felt so good.

Also, fear of predators--animal and human--might have really bothered me although they were used to living closer to the earth. I can totally understand being driven insane from a room full of snakes.