Monday, August 21, 2006


Let's talk about what is your favorite scene in the book?


stocksorbonds said...

Two of my favorite scenes were Mina in her new dress and Ernest Plover burying his axe in the great tree.

One was touching and the other comical. In the first scene there was kindness and beauty and in the second there was the folly of men. I believe Mina was the one who eventually chopped the tree down and toward the end of the book she was taking on responsibility and helping on the drove.

Elizabeth said...

I can relate to the elation that Mooney and Imy feel when they reach the top of the mountain as they are traveling to the land that they purchased. I get a thrill every time I go on a hike in the Blue Ridge and sit on one of my favorite rocky perches gazing out at the seemingly endless ridges.